Singapore Life #32 – Christmas in Canberra 2013

I’m still firmly in holiday mode, but here is a bit of a look at some photos from our Christmas in Canberra.


Thanks to a gift voucher that Key received from work, we treated ourselves to some early Christmas presents. We picked ourselves up a nice knife set and this amazeballs Le Creuset utensil holder. I am rather in love with it.



We also exchanged our gifts for each other before jumping on the plane to Sydney. Key got me this first edition, first print copy of Matilda by Roald Dahl. He knows me so well, this is my all time favourite book and I’m a book-nerd that loves old books (especially the way that they smell)



After a looong flight and a quick stop over in Sydney, where we had a delicious (but sleep deprived) meal at Red Lantern, we were onto Canberra. Then it was truffle time! I’ll have some new truffle recipes coming up for you soon.



The Sissa’s Christmas tree.



Catching up with this handsome man.



Whole baked snapper and glazed pork ribs from Christmas number 1.



Key’s mum’s glazed ham.



The pav! Oh the delicious pavlova.



Mad wrapping skillz at Christmas number 2.



Meeting Bennie for the first time.



Chino was pretty worn out. Unwrapping those presents was hard work ;)



Christmas tree from Christmas number 2. The tree from Christmas number 1 is the very top pic :)



Pork with crackling and spatchcocked chickens thanks to Faja.



My ridiculous Adventure Time pants.



Salads at Christmas number 2. Green couscous salad, herby potato salad, green salad with cheese and Karen Martini’s Tunisian Salad.


christmas in canberra

Ma’s table setting.



Just a few of the prezzies that I was lucky enough to receive.



My new cook book stash. After not buying cook books for a year, I’m glad to have some new ones to peruse. These are a mix of Christmas and early birthday presents, plus a $24.00AUD Save With Jamie that I could not pass up (I’d seen it for sale in Singapore for $60.00SGD)

I hope you are all enjoying your festive season.



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