Date and Nut Bites

This is something that I feel really uncomfortable talking about and it’s really quite boring for all of you I’m sure, but I do think it’s important for me to admit to myself that I am currently in a stage of my life where I am not having a good relationship with food.

It’s not the first time this has happened to me and you would think that losing 25kgs a few years ago would have taught me my lesson. But no, combined with a lack of willpower and going from working a full time office job to being unemployed and writing a food blog, and it’s fair to say I will be bringing back a few kilos of extra ‘luggage’ with me on our trip back home next week.

There are many reasons why I know my food and exercise habits have become bad and to be fair on myself, moving to another country away from my friends and family was not a small or easy thing for me to do and it has changed my life completely in so many ways.

Clearly I am no role model at the moment, but my point is to look after yourself and to be happy and healthy. I am certainly trying to move into a new period of trying to be more conscious of what I am eating and to care about myself enough to back that up with some proper exercise.

Sorry about that downer. Now for important stuff, like these date and nut bites! For me, a healthy and filling afternoon snack is a good move towards feeling healthy and energised. One of these in the afternoon is a sweet and filling snack that will tide me over until dinner and will give me enough energy for an afternoon exercise.

medjool dates

You do need a soft dried date for this like a medjool. I remember buying a big tub of medjool dates in Canberra from Costco and in Singapore they are readily available at supermarkets. If you can’t buy a soft dried date, you can soak a harder style date in some water for a few hours which will rehydrate them slightly and make them easier to process.



The orange zest in these little bites are delicious!



The ingredients will take a while to process and come together, but persevere and the dates will eventually break down.



To check if it is ready, take a small amount out of the processor and form it into a small ball with your hands. If it stays together, it is ready.



The dark chocolate isn’t essential but it’s only a small amount and even when I’m trying to eat healthily, I still need chocolate in my life.


date and nut

They keep in the fridge for a week, but they can also be frozen then popped into a lunch box or plastic bag in the morning. They will defrost and will be ready to eat by afternoon tea time :)



Date and Nut Bites


Ingredients – Makes about 11

  • 250g dried medjool dates, pitted and roughly chopped
  • 1 tbs linseeds
  • 1 tsp coconut oil
  • zest from 1 orange
  • tiny pinch of salt
  • 1/3 cup of walnuts
  • ¼ cup of dark chocolate chips or roughly chopped dark chocolate



  1. Place all ingredients, except the chocolate, into a processor and process until a thick, almost paste like consistency forms. Occasionally stop the processor and scrape down the edges. The ingredients will take a while to come together but persevere and the dates will eventually break down.
  2. To check if it is ready, take a small amount out of the processor and form it into a small ball with your hands. If it stays together, it is ready.
  3. Form the rest of the mix into balls that are just smaller than a golf ball.
  4. Place the formed balls onto a baking tray or plate lined with baking paper and refrigerate.
  5. Melt the chocolate over a low heat or in a microwave and then dip the top of each date ball into it. Refrigerate again until completely set.
  6. Once completely set, the balls can then be transferred to a glass jar of freezer bag for better storage. Date bites will keep in the fridge for at least a week and can also be frozen.


date and nut bites



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Hi! I’m Taryn. The Wooden Spoons is a food blog and collection of wooden spoons, recipes and stories. I’m a Canberra fan-girl with a passion for all things food. I love South East Asian food, fusion food done well and slow cooked anything. I don’t get quinoa, have a mild phobia of milk touching my skin and custard from a package freaks me out. Thanks for joining me on my cooking and food adventures.
  1. Food to Fitness Reply

    These look amazing. Thanks for the wonderful recipe.

    • Taryn Reply

      You’re welcome. Thanks for the lovely comment.

  2. karin Reply

    Found this via “tastespotting” and it looks delicious! I want One now…

    • Taryn Reply

      Thanks Karin. They are really tasty and also easy to make :)

  3. Kim Reply

    I am a bit behind in reading your blog and just saw this. Honey you are writing a food blog, cooking,tasting and taking photos of yummy food all the time, being skinny and a good cook doesn’t mix. Don’t stress be happy, the rest will happen when you are ready. Love u

    • Taryn Reply

      Love you too xx

  4. Mum Reply

    Cut it out you two.You are making me tear up.
    I love you both!

    Ps I am not a big sweet eater but these look Yum

  5. Sissa Reply

    Good on you for being so open about it, I can’t imagine that was an easy task in itself! I am so fricken proud of you for being so open and talking about it that I am currently having a tear at my work desk (loser, I know). You are a beautiful and amazing person and realising there is a problem is the first step to fixing it. I love you so much and cannot wait to see you next week (regardless of what shape or size you are).

    Love always and always
    Sissa x

    • Taryn Reply

      love you sissa x

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