Singapore Life #33 – Holiday at Home

After Christmas was done and dusted, we still had almost 2 weeks to holiday at home. We spent New years eve with our friends that we always celebrate with. There was a spit roast, as is our tradition, but I am only slightly embarrassed to admit that Key and I were in bed by eleven. We then spent some time down the south coast of NSW at my mum and dad’s property.


NYE pork spit roast. Our friend, DFM, is a spit roast legend. The meat was perfectly cooked and the crackling shattered as it always does.


holiday at home

The view at mum and dad’s property. Yep, it was pretty hard holidaying there as I’m sure you can imagine.



We made scones! We were feeling holiday-lazy and used this packet mix. I didn’t expect much but they turned out excellent and they even kept well until the next day.



This fatty kept hogging all of the bird seed that we put out. When he finished what we put out, he sat next to the sealed (but clear) plastic container of bird seed that I’d left on the table. Too clever for his own good.



Key made these awesome take away style burgers and thrice cooked chips. Delicious!



I started reading through my new cook book stash. This is the sealed section in Matt Preston’s new cook book before I ripped it open. He says that the really naughty recipes are in this part :)



Key tried his hand at fishing. No luck this time :(



We played our new Adventure Time Monopoly that I bought us for Christmas. I lost miserably.



Key made fresh pasta and I made a lamb shank ragu to go with it. My intention was to take some photos so that I could blog the recipe, but I got holiday excited and didn’t get around to it. Another time though, as the final dish is delicious.



It wouldn’t be a holiday at home post without a pic of Tilly. Glad to see that she still remembers us…phew!


Back to posting next week! I have some recipes that I’m really excited to share with you and a new series starting soon too.



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