What are The Wooden Spoons?


Hi, I’m Taryn. Welcome to the Wooden Spoons. A food blog and collection of wooden spoons, recipes and stories. I’m a Canberra fan-girl with a passion for all things food. I love South East Asian food, fusion food done well and slow cooked anything. I don’t get quinoa, have a mild phobia of milk touching my skin and custard from a package freaks me out.

The Wooden Spoons was started when my partner, Key, and I were living in Singapore. I was bored, home sick and I wanted to capture our time in Singapore. We are back in our beloved Australian home town of Canberra now, with a renewed love for South East Asian food. I learnt so much about food in Singapore, but mostly I learnt that I need to be close to my beloved friends and family. I am still inspired by food almost every day so thank you for joining me on my cooking and food adventures.

What are the wooden spoons? Inspired by other food lovers, my mum began collecting wooden spoons a few years ago. She now has two big jars of them on her kitchen bench and it’s an unspoken tradition that there will be a new wooden spoon for mum under the Christmas tree each year.

I also have my own smaller collection of wooden spoons, but what I really like to collect are ‘little bowls.’ I have an embarrassingly large collection and I love using them when cooking.

Random Facts About Me

I think putting tomatoes and strawberries in the fridge is a food crime. Besides making them so cold it makes my sensitive teeth hurt, refrigeration makes them tasteless.

In a restaurant, I will nearly always choose the chocolate dessert unless there is some kind of citrus tart or pie on the menu.

I love gross junk food just as much as I love healthy home cooked meals and eating out at gourmet restaurants.

I cried when Jamie was on Masterchef. Key was out, so I was at home alone crying over Jamie. Weird I know, but that man was one of my biggest inspirations to start cooking. Clearly I think he is super important as I just read that last sentence and I didn’t even add his last name. I just assume everyone should know who Jamie is :)

I can’t make pancakes. I don’t know what it is, I just screw them up every time. Luckily Key makes amazing pancakes.

When people call macarons macaroons, it makes my blood boil.

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